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Electric EGV Goggle Replacement Lens

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Electric EGV Replacement Lens Yellow-Blue Chrome Electric EGV Replacement Lens Grey Electric EGV Replacement Lens Bronze Red Chrome Electric EGV Replacement Lens Clear Electric EGV Replacement Lens Light Green Electric EGV Replacement Lens Bronze Gold Chrome Electric EGV Replacement Lens Bronze Electric EGV Replacement Lens Bronze Silver Chrome Electric EGV Replacement Lens Jet Black Electric EGV Replacement Lens Rose Electric EGV Replacement Lens Yellow


Electric has set the standard in premium goggle optics. Our lenses are produced using the finest raw materials and manufacturing techniques. All spherical lenses are mold injected polycarbonate and are decentered to assure optical clarity. Electric lenses offer 100% UVA / UVB protection, and include anti-scratch hard coatings on the exterior along with anti-fog coatings on the interior.



High altitudes can cause pressure to build up between the inner and outer lens which can distort optical clarity. Electric uses a directional valve to relieve pressure at varying altitudes ensuring proper visual performance.



Anti Reflection coating is a super thin treatment that is characterized by a soft violet mirror which is applied to the inside of the goggle lens. This is used to prevent light from reflecting off the back surface of the lens into the wearer's eye. Electric's AR coatings dramatically reduce the reflecting light resulting in improved comfort for your eyes. This treatment is standard on EG2 and EG2.5 mirror coated or chromed lenses.



All Electric goggle lenses are treated with a hydrophobic Anti-Fog coating. This absorbs moisture before fog can form on the inner lens. Due to the oversized surface area of the EG3, EG2 EG2.5, and EGB2S lens, we have treated these products with a Super Anti-Fog coating for optimum performance.



Hard coatings are applied to the outer lens in order to create a proper seal against the elements and protective barrier against the scratching of your lens.



Increased airflow creates a climate controlled environment that can reduce fogging and condensation on your inner lens. Electric's lens vents are engineered to promote proper airflow and effectively eliminate fogging.

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